Made For All Hair Types

Ethaircal (pronounced "Ethical") has been carefully formulated to deeply cleanse the scalp without being too harsh on your natural oils. All while providing weightless hydration & shine.

No sulphates. No silicones. Just your most beautiful, hydrated hair every single day.

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Selfcare Starts With Haircare


NZ hair-stylist has created a line of haircare especially for you.

  • 1. Prepare

    Prepare the hair before washing by brushing out tangles & knots with our eco friendly wooden paddle brush

  • 2. Shampoo

    Wet hair & apply Ethaircal shampoo to your scalp to remove dirt & excess oil

  • 3. Rinse & Repeat

    Rinse & repeat the shampoo process to deeply cleanse your scalp and open the hair cuticle

  • 4. Condition

    Remove excess water & apply Ethaircal conditioner to mid lengths & ends

  • 5. Treat

    Use our anti-frizz wide tooth comb to evenly distribute conditioner. To restore & replenish moisture to your hair leave in for 5-10 mins

  • 6. Gentle Dry

    Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Blot dry with our 2 in 1 microfibre hair turban. Avoid tugging & excess rubbing.

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