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Your in-shower hair buddy


Keeps my wavy curls under control without any frizz.- Chandra C.

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Painlessly detangle & remove knots with our carbon fibre wide tooth comb. 

The wide-toothed anti slip design allows for delicate detangling on damp hair, which is fragile and more prone to damage.

Made of high quality carbon fibre that is ultra smooth, strong, and lightweight. The comb is naturally anti-static, and heat resistant. A truly professional-grade comb.

To use: Work on detangling starting from the ends to the root. Hold each section as you comb to avoid causing stress or tension to the root area. 

Your in-shower buddy to distribute conditioner/treatments evenly

Style tip: Use your carbon comb to distribute conditioner or mousse evenly through damp hair. 


Wide Tooth Comb made from carbon fibre with extreme resilience, corrosive and 220 degrees heat resistant, anti-slip matte black finish. Ideal for wet hair.

1 Wide Tooth Comb

Key Features

Wide Tooth Comb

The ultimate de-tangler

Wide-toothed, anti static

Light and durable 

Eliminates flyaways for a static-free finish

Made from carbon fibre

Benefits all hair types

Heat resistant for use with hair dryer or styling tools

Hand crafted & finished exclusively for Ethaircal

Professional quality & design